iPhone4S to purchase or not to purchase.

The iPhone4S has been out for about two years.  I personally purchased this phone in March 2013.  When I first purchased it I believed it was a great phone and I enjoyed it.  That was up until the new update of iOS7 came out.  I then started experiencing problems with it throughout the different updates that were released.   The first real issue that I had was a glitch in the iOS and when I went to plug it in to charge it would say it was charging and then it would stop charging.  Apple fixed this and then updated the iOS server again and my battery life decreased substantially.  With iOS6 I could get a good use of my phone without it dying, I could get about 8 hours.  Ever since the iOS7 update if my phone is connected to wifi it won’t last more then 2 hours while it was made for lasting 9 hours.  The battery percentage on the iPhone is also very glitchy.  For example, it will be about 82% and instead of dropping to 81% I actually watched it drop to 78%.  Another battery problem I have occuring is it usually would die between the 10% mark and 1% mark but, lately ever since iOS7.04 was released my phone has been dying at around high 20’s even before I get a battery low warning.  Very recently those are the issues that have been irritating me.  I have negative connations towards this phone but, I believe that is currently because of the iOS update.  When iOS7 was released I didn’t experience these issues.  It has just been a issue that I have been seeing with the most recent update, even when I had iOS7.03 my iPhone was working how it should.  Depsite those issues I do enjoy the phone when I went to purchase this phone the Verizon representative was trying to sell me the iPhone5 but, I had wanted the 4S because, I personally like the overall size I do not like how the size of the iPhone5 is longer and skinnier and in my opinion I wanted the 4S for social media purposes, it all really depends on what your use of the phone is.  I do like the iPhone4s I haven’t had any real issues but the iOS glitches which can obviously be fixed.  I haven’t had any substantial issues like freezing or it resetting or not responding like I have personally heard from people on the iPhone5.   I also believe that if you aren’t willing to spend alot of money on the phones like the iPhone5C or 5S the 4S is a good option being that it is free.  It is still generally a very good phone once all the kinks in the iOS are worked out.  The camera is generally good it takes clear pictures overall and, the overall performance of the phone I would say is excellent.


Social Media impacting Elections?

Social media is impacting voters.  In statistics it shows that in the 2008 election approximately 65% on voters voted.  Social media was a huge element supposedly in the rapid increase of votes.  I think that social media is definitely impacting voted because the percentage did increase.  I do not think this is the main reason because as you look back at the voter turnout in 1960 was the greatest percent of register voters that voted at 88%!  The VAP was at 70% which was also the greatest its ever been.   I think social media is starting to make people more informed but, I don’t know if that necessarily means that it’s making more people vote.  I definitely do not think it’s turning the election into strictly a numbers game based on popularity though, I mean people can look and see what peoples goals are as president and that’s usually the base of their vote.  The only way I really think that social media is impacting the elections is by it is bringing more young adults to vote because, they are on social media every day and that may catch there interest and, they think oh I really would like to vote now because, I don’t agree with this, or they strongly agree with this and, they wouldn’t have known this if it wasn’t for social media.  I definitely overall think that social media is playing an impact on elections though, I mean  not necessarily the overall outcome but it obviously is going to have some impact because, social media affects everything.

Generation Y Survey

We did a Generation Y survey to determine if our generation was considered in some ways ‘lazy’ or that we don’t work as hard as previous generations and even that our generation is the greatest generation.  When doing this survey some things surprised me.  What surprised me was I could not believe that only 23% out of the 15 people I surveyed had jobs, I guess this surprised me because, we are seniors and juniors and such and I feel like a lot of people would have a job.  Everything else I figured would be the same as it had resulted most parents pay for the kids car and phone because, I’m guilty of that myself.  One other thing that I actually found shocking was that there was a high percentage of people that actually work to there fullest potential in school I didn’t exactly expect thatGeneration Y Survey

Chapter 1-3 Summary

In chapter 3 Qualman says that our status basically defines us because, we can go back and look at what we said.  This really stuck out to me and made me think about what I am posting but there are some things I disagree with.   I actually disagree with this statement because, I do post negative things occasionally but that is definitely not who I am as a person.  But, then I did agree with alot of what he did say.  I think your status does in some ways show what you do obviously, if you post about activities or tweet about activites.  But not one feeling can define a person, nothing can really define a person.  Qualman also mentions how it shows peoples out look on you but, that as well isn’t neceassarily true because a person could actually be extremely different when it comes to being on a computer, or a phone rather then in person. So in some ways yes I do agree and in some I disagree.  I took this the most out of the chapter though because, it actually did make me think about what I post and made me think more wisely because, people can view that stuff and I don’t want to give a stranger a negative impression of me.



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Without Technology

To be completely honest going a day without technology was completely impossible for me.  I lasted about 4 hours I did it Sunday morning and, I happened to be at my Aunts so when I was packing and eating breakfast I could deal without my phone. Then driving home I could obviously last and it was about an hour and a half drive then when I got home no one happened to be home so I broke out the phone.  I figured I wasn’t going to last technology and cell phones have been such a important thing in our daily lives, in fact I’m typing this from my iPhone and I feel if it’s there why not use it?  So no I did not last and could not go a day without using a phone or computer. 

Survival without the phone

For the project of not using any modern technology for 24 hours, mainly my cell phone I have a plan.   I plan on just shutting off the wifi and the 3G on my phone because, I do not have service so I will not recieve text messages anyways, and I plan to put my phone in my room.  I’m not sure what day I would like to do it yet i’m leaning towards a Sunday because I sleep late on a Sunday anyways and mostly watch movies all day.  I definitely do not think I will  be able to do this, I may last if I do it on a school day, I may last the hours of school and then I’ll last durring Tennis practice or a match but, knowing me I will not be able to do it.  Eventually, I am definitely going to crack because I do my homework listening to music and the urge is going to kill me as ridiculous as it sounds.  I will probably end up checking my phone in the evening hours when I get really bored but, I am going to try to resist my phone for 24 hours.

Social Media & Me

    Hi, I am Rachelle.  I started using social media when I was in middle school about sixth grade.  My first site I used was MySpace.  I see social media constanly on a daily basis, being that I check my Facebook a couple times a day and I am practically on Twitter 24/7.  I also have a iPhone so I am constanly on the apps Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Path.   I believe that the trend in social media is here to stay because, the younger kids and teens now are the technology generation.  Just about every single kid knows how to work a computer or phone and, technology has become a necessity in our daily lives.  I believe that social media should play a role in education, it is a good source to contact teachers outside of school like if you needed help on homework or such things, but then again it should have its limitations.  The expectations I have for this class are just to broaden my understanding of social media and learn about it to a whole different perspective then to what I use it for on a daily basis.